Outreach World – International Education Resources for K-12 Teachers

Outreach World is an online community of educators dedicated to showcasing the achievements of its members and strengthening vital links across the education spectrum, and between the United States and the world.
At the core of Outreach World are 127 federally-funded National Resource Centers (NRCs) based at 146 universities, focusing on Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands and International Studies, and 48 Language Resource Centers (LRCs) and Centers for International Business and Education Research (CIBERs) dedicated to promoting foreign language study and international business.

With the support of their host universities and the International Education Programs Service section of the US Department of Education, these National Resource Centers have forged working relationships with thousands of precollegiate schools nationwide in an effort to enrich teaching and learning about vital global regions.

The results of this collaboration can be seen in the outstanding professional development programs available annually to K-12 educators; exemplary curricular and instructional materials produced by teachers and scholars; overseas visits for secondary school teachers; and the creation of outreach councils that represent the Centers and other academic institutions and professional organizations committed to the outreach mission.

Our goal is to populate Outreach World with educational materials relevant to all global regions, grade levels, themes and disciplines; recommended resources; a calendar of events and professional development opportunities; links to organizations and agencies; examples of best practices; and user feedback.