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Keywords: Latin America, middle school

Global Regions: Latin America

Countries: Argentina , Brazil , Chile , Honduras , Mexico , Peru , Venezuela

Levels: Middle School (6-8)


Latin America

Curriculum Materials for the Middle Grades

This collection of curriculum materials has been designed to enrich the study of Latin America in the middle school classroom. The authors have made every attempt to create lessons that are practical, creative and thought provoking.

Latin America is not a homogeneous unit but rather a large and complex variety of nations, cultures, languages and belief systems.

If students learn nothing more from their early studies of Latin America than an awareness of its complexities, they will have taken the first step toward becoming responsible world citizens. For this reason these units have been designed to show variety in both history and cultural context.

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Produced at: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Recommended by: Brian Knighten

Length: 12 units

Year Produced: 1994

Material: PDF files

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