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Keywords: Czech, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, European Union, Central Europe, Eastern Europe

Global Regions: Europe , Russia

Countries: Czech Republic

Subjects: Arts, Economics, Government, History and Social Studies

Resource Types: Curriculum

Time Periods: Contemporary, Modern

Instructional Strategies: Case Study

Themes: Culture and Society

Levels: High School (9-12)


The Czech Republic

Produced by , ,

A Curriculum Guide for Secondary School Teachers

This guide, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, provides a comprehensive introduction to the history, contemporary political situation and culture of the Czech Republic. The contents include:

Maps, Photographs and Basic Facts

  • Maps and Attractions
  • Basic Facts

Czech History and Current Political Issues

  • Czech History
  • Preparations for Membership in the European Union

Culture of the Czech Republic

  • Facts about the Czech People
  • Famous Czechs
  • Regions in the Czech Republic
  • Czech Cuisine and Recipes
  • Kroje: Traditional Clothing
  • Customs and Traditions
  • Holidays
  • Religion
  • The Czech Language
  • Czech Pronunciation Guide
  • The System of Education
  • Architecture
  • Classical Music
  • Popular Music
  • The National Anthem
  • Famous Czech Myths
  • Literature
  • Film

Download files for this resource 

The Czech Republic: A Curriculum Guide for Secondary School Teachers

Produced at: University of Pittsburgh, Center for Russian and East European Studies

Recommended by: CREES, University of Pittsburgh

Length: 77 pages

Year Produced: 2004

Material: PDF

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