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Keywords: A workbook,

Global Regions: Southeast Asia

Resource Types: Curriculum

Levels: High School (9-12)



A workbook for high school classes

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies offers a workbook that can be used to teach about the history, legends, geography and people of Malaysia.

In chapter one the readers learn about the early trade and civilization in Malaysia. Chapter two focuses on the British presence in the region between 1784-1942. Chapter three focuses on how Malaysia became independence - from Malaya to Malaysia. Chapter four focuses on Sabah And Sarawak - The East Malaysian States and chapter five focuses on nationhood. The book also includes maps and a glossary.  An abstract for chapter one is available on line.

This book is one in a series of Workbooks for High School Classes covering Southeast Asia. For information about ordering these books, email the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii.



Produced at: University of Hawaii, Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Year Produced: 1996

Material: Website link, independence, history, British colony, nationahood

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