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Keywords: Southeast Asia, cinderella, religion, geography, culture, trade, colonization

Global Regions: Asia , Southeast Asia

Countries: Brunei Darussalam , Cambodia , Indonesia , Laos , Malaysia , Micronesia, Federated States of , Myanmar , Philippines , Singapore , Thailand , Timor-Leste , Vietnam

Universities: Northern Illinois University

Subjects: Government, History and Social Studies

Resource Types: Curriculum

Time Periods: Contemporary

Themes: Belief Systems, Culture and Society

Levels: Middle School (6-8)


Southeast Asia Overview for Middle School Students

Produced by

An overview of Southeast Asia provides lesson plans and references.

This curriculum unit is a broad introduction to Southeast Asia. It consists of activities that introduce students to the geography, religion, current events, and culture of the region. The ten lessons included in this unit address each of those areas. Many of the lessons can be modified to make them shorter or longer depending on the needs of individual teachers.

Many of the lessons require the teacher to present background information on a variety of topics. Notes are included at the end of the unit. They mainly include background information on religion and geography. A bibliography is also included.

Among the lesson plans included are:

  • Why is the Study of Southeast Asia Important
  • Welcome to Southeast Asia!
  • Current Events in Southeast Asia
  • Cinderella in Southeast vs. Cinderella in Europe
  • Southeast Asia Cultural Appreciation Day
  • Mapping the Countries in Southeast Asia
  • Countries and Capitals in Southeast Asia
  • Religion in Southeast Asia
  • “Getting to Know You” with a Computer Scavenger Hunt
  • I Want You to Visit…

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Southeast Asia Overview for Middle School Students

Produced at: Northern Illinois University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Recommended by: Angela Sims

Length: Four-five weeks

Year Produced: 2003

Material: Illinois learning standards, lesson outlines, online resource links

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