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Global Regions: Middle East

Countries: Iran

Produced in this U.S. Region: Northeast

Universities: Harvard University

Subjects: History and Social Studies, Language Arts & Literature

Resource Types: Bibliography, Curriculum

Time Periods: Modern

Themes: Culture and Society

Levels: Elementary (K-5), High School (9-12), Middle School (6-8)


Middle East Literature and Culture in the Classroom

Teaching resource on the use of literature in the classroom, specifically to teach about the Middle East.

This teacherís resource discusses useful techniques for using Middle East Literature in the classroom.  One portion includes a teacher's detailed explanation of the way she uses various books in her classroom. It also includes an annotated list of recommended readings.

Further, the resource provides a literary unit on Iran, covering the years from 1930-1980. The lesson draws from three different books and provides essay/discussion questions for to go with those texts. It allows for expansion of the unit through student background research on Iran history. The ultimate goal of the unit is to help students understand other cultures and to breakdown stereotypes.

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Produced at: Harvard University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Length: One to three classes

Year Produced: 1994

Material: Teaching resource, bibliography, lesson unit

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