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Keywords: Middle East, World War One, World War Two, World History, Geography

Global Regions: Europe , Middle East , North Africa , Russia , Western Europe

Countries: Armenia , Austria , Azerbaijan , Cyprus , Egypt , France , Germany , Hungary , Iran , Iraq , Israel , Jordan , Lebanon , Luxembourg , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Turkey , United Kingdom , United States

Resource Types: Curriculum, Student Readings

Time Periods: Contemporary, Modern

Instructional Strategies: Analytical Model, Case Study, Group Work, Role Play/Perspective-Taking

Levels: High School (9-12), Middle School (6-8)


The Middle East after World War One: Drawing Boundaries and Dividing a Region

Produced by

A secondary unit for high school world history, American history and social studies classes.

This is an entire curriculum unit on teaching about the effects of World War One and the break-up of the Ottoman Empire on the Middle East.  The unit includes:

  • Instructor/Educator guide
  • Lesson plans
  • Maps
  • Background information on the Ottoman Empire and the Arabian Peninsula
  • Simulation role playing games for in-class activities
  • Simulation rounds for in-class presentations

Download files for this resource 

ME WWI - Part 2
ME WWI - Part I
ME WWI - Postscript
ME WWI - Simulation Rounds
ME WWI Simulation Roles
Middle East WWI Intro - UChicago

Produced at: University of Chicago, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Length: 50 Pages

Year Produced: 1994

Material: PDF files with maps, history timeline, background information on the Ottoman Empire, role playing ideas, classroom activities

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