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Keywords: Children's literature, a little boy, painter, school vacation, family and community support, home life, flora and fauna paintings, Panama

Global Regions: Caribbean , Latin America

Countries: Panama

Subjects: Arts, History and Social Studies, Language Arts & Literature

Resource Types: Book Awards

Time Periods: Modern

Themes: Culture and Society

Levels: Elementary (K-5)


The Little Painter of Sabana Grande

By Patricia Maloney Markun, illustrated by Robert Casilla (Simon & Schuster, 1993)

An Américas Award Commended Book

ISBN 0-02-762205-3

"Fernando longs to paint during the dry season vacation from school. Only after making his own colors does he realize he has no paper on which to paint. His resourceful solution to the problem, with family and community support, is to paint on the adobe houses of his village. Cultural details abound in the presentation of home life, and the flora and fauna he paints. The story, based on a memory of the author while living in Panama, includes a glossary." — Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP)

Recommended by: Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs

Year Produced: 1996

Material: Award-winning book

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