Outreach World

Cuckoo / Cucu

An Américas Award Commended Book

ISBN 0-15-200274-X

"Ehlert's bilingual version of this traditional Mayan tale about the courage of the cuckoo is exquisitely illustrated with designs inspired by traditional Mexican crafts. From trees of life to papercuts, the illustrations create a culturally authentic visual setting that masterfully synthesizes many elements of Mexican folkart. Equally poetic in Spanish and English, this story is ideal for introducing very young children to Mexican craft motifs within the context of a very well told folktale." — Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP)

Global Regions: Latin America

Countries: Mexico

Recommended by: Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs

Year Produced: 1997

Material: Award-winning book

Basic Concepts: Belief Systems, Culture and Society, Multiculturalism

Disciplines: Arts, Foreign Languages, History and Social Studies, Language Arts & Literature

Fields: Book Awards

Time Periods: Pre-Modern

Levels: Elementary (K-5)