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Resources A-Z

Download interdisciplinary, cross-regional and standard-specific units, lessons and instructional aids designed by teachers and scholars and tested by practicing precollegiate teachers affiliated with the National Resource Center network.


1. Gaining Cultural Familiarity: Understanding Differences and Similarities

Students will be able to recognize differences and similarities between their own lives and the lives of other children living in a different country. Students will also be able to value the differences that may seem strange to them by allowing themselves to walk in the shoes of other children, and to think about similarities as well as differences.

2. Tropical Ecology in Panama: Classroom Curriculum for Teachers and Students

Tropical forests are charismatic ecosystems, and are ideal for capturing the imagination of school-age students. The incredibly high levels of diversity, the myriad of interesting life-history strategies, and the charismatic fauna and flora found in tropical forests can act as a hook to catch the interest and imagination of students who otherwise have few opportunities to view the world of science

3. Restoring Women to World Studies

Restoring Women to World Studies introduces the notion of gender as a key social category and patriarchy as an important organizing structure in many societies and cultures. The unit then examines these concepts within case studies from the four regions. Each case study is meant to encourage students to address questions about gender roles in the different societies, either in a particular histori

4. Explorers, Traders & Immigrants: Tracking the Cultural and Social Effects of the Global Commodity Trade

A primary-source document based curriculum unit for grades 9-12

5. Using the Movie 'Apocalypto' as a Teaching Tool

In Spring 2007 the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University hosted a lecture series for social studies teachers in the DC area. The series focused on integrating topics from Latin America into the classroom and provided ideas, resources, and curriculum samples for instructors. In this particular lecture, historian Erick Langer analyzed the controversial Mel Gibson film 'Apoca

6. The Costs and Benefits of Ethanol in U.S. and Brazil

As the cost of gas rises, fears regarding climate change swell, and the search for alternative sources of energy persists, many see ethanol as a potential solution. As such, its popularity is on the rise and the United States has begun to build alliances with other nations to explore the possibilities for ethanol’s exploitation. This lesson seeks to expose upper level high school students

7. Video: Globalization from Below

This lecture is given by Luis Macas, Ecuadoran Indigenous Leader and Human Rights Activist.

8. Latin American Revolutions (Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, and Nicaragua) - Timelines

Detailed timeline of these four important Latin American revolutions of the 20th Century. Put together by: Professor Erick Langer - Georgetown University

9. Latin American History through the 20th-Century Revolutions

Bibliography of the 20th-century Latin American Revolutions: Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, and Nicaragua

10. Political Database of the Americas

Provides contemporary political and institutional information about the 35 countries of the Western Hemisphere.

11. Criminal Trafficking and Slavery: The Dark Side of Global and Regional Migration

This resource contains a series of videos, Powerpoint presentations and papers discussing the issue of criminal trafficking and slavery on a global level. All resources were produced from 2006 Joint Area Centers Symposium sponsored by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's <a href="http://www.cgs.uiuc.edu/index.html">Center for Global Studies</a> and <a href=&quo

12. Latin American & Caribbean Film and Video Collection

A List of films from 2005-2006

13. Africa Enslaved: Comparative Slave Systems Outside the United States

A Curriculum Unit for grades 9-12

14. From New York to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Cynthia Hoetzer

15. From Indiana to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Janet Miller

16. From Missouri to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Sharmon Hagler

17. From Colorado to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Anne Gaspers, Brenna McCoy

18. From Virginia to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Julia Durand

19. From South Carolina to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Janelle Bondor

20. “Todos Somos Americanos”

A unit on discovering North American Neighbors

21. Weaving a Tapestry

Lessons on North American Indigenous Cultures

22. Tripping Through North America

A Collaborative Identity Exploration Project for English Students

23. From Arkansas to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Debbie Stark

24. From Virginia to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Jared Nieters, Sarah Taylor

25. From Colorado to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Pamela Jordan, Melissa Taucher

26. From Oregon to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Sarah Jones

27. From Indiana to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Avalyn Jones

28. From Texas to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Sandra Dwyer

29. From Georgia to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Kysha Doss

30. From New York to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Kathleen Daily

31. From Maryland to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Callandra Cook

32. From California to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Michael Cody, Kimberly Hall, Noreen Winkler

33. From Pennsylvania to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Andrea Bensusan

34. From Washington to Mexico and Canada in 2004

Amy Adams

35. Through the Eyes of a Child

An Artful Look at Mexico and Canada

36. The Invasion of Canada and Mexico

Unit on the War of 1812 and the Mexican American War

37. Preserving Culture from the Arctic to the Tropics

How the Inuit of Canada and the Zapotecs of Mexico Keep Their Native Traditions Alive

38. Our Neighbors

Getting to Know US Neighbors in Mexico and Canada

39. Getting to Know Our Neighbors

A unit that explores how learning about Mexico and Canada can make one a better neighbor

40. An Illustrated Timeline of Pre-Columbian Cultures

A unit on creating a timeline of selected cultures in North America until initial European contact

41. Christiane Clados

Reconstructing the Pre-Columbian World

42. Conquistadors

4 Interdisciplinary teaching units

43. Viva Mexico!

A Celebration of Mexican Independence Day

44. Three Latin American Folktales

Exploring culture and geography through Latin American folktales

45. La Llorona

The Spanish conquest of Mexico and the role of La Llorona

46. The Mother Culture of Mexico

History and Artistry of the Olmecs

47. Mercado

Trading at the Mexican Marketplace

48. Mayan Mathematics and Architecture

Exploring the Mayan numeral system

49. The Importance of Music in the Life of the Aztec People

Ceremonies, celebrations, rituals, and musical instruments of the Aztec culture

50. From Corn to Tortillas

How corn is grown and used for making tortillas


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