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Resources A-Z

Download interdisciplinary, cross-regional and standard-specific units, lessons and instructional aids designed by teachers and scholars and tested by practicing precollegiate teachers affiliated with the National Resource Center network.

1. Restoring Women to World Studies

Restoring Women to World Studies introduces the notion of gender as a key social category and patriarchy as an important organizing structure in many societies and cultures. The unit then examines these concepts within case studies from the four regions. Each case study is meant to encourage students to address questions about gender roles in the different societies, either in a particular histori

2. Political Database of the Americas

Provides contemporary political and institutional information about the 35 countries of the Western Hemisphere.

3. Latin American & Caribbean Film and Video Collection

A List of films from 2005-2006

4. From New York to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Cynthia Hoetzer

5. From Indiana to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Janet Miller

6. From Missouri to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Sharmon Hagler

7. From Colorado to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Anne Gaspers, Brenna McCoy

8. From Virginia to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Julia Durand

9. From South Carolina to Argentina and Peru in 2004

Janelle Bondor

10. Three Latin American Folktales

Exploring culture and geography through Latin American folktales

11. Music of the Andean Altiplano

Instructional unit invesitgating the music of the Andes that includes composing music, performing, and building siku pipes

12. The Magic Bean Tree: A Legend from Argentina

By Nancy Van Laan, illustrated by Beatriz Vidal (Houghton Mifflin, 1998)

13. Salsa Stories

By Lulu Delacre (Scholastic, 2000)

14. Little Blue House

By Sandra Comino (Groundwood, 2003)

15. Latin America Multimedia Initiative: The Southern Cone

A website that incorporates video, audio, text and photographic resources

16. Different Ethnic Groups in Ecuador, Panama and Argentina

The assimilation and Contributions to Latin America


Resources for Teaching about the Americas

18. Tango

Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Lessons about the Tango.

19. Art & Architecture of Argentina: A Resource Guide

A portfolio of images from a 2001 Fulbright-Hays Seminar in Argentina

20. Latin America

Curriculum Materials for the Middle Grades

21. Organization of American States Project

Introduces the history and rich cultural legacy of Mexico, Peru, Brazil and other Latin American countries.

22. Latin America in Cyberspace

A metasite of filtered website materials.

23. LASP Video Lending Library

The video lending library of Cornell University's Latin American Studies Program.

24. Latin America Overview

An annotated set of mostly weblinks to key Latin American reference materials.


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