Most rehab centers dwell on 12 steps in handling the drug and substance addiction. The Passage Malibu rehab center however, does not believe in these steps of dealing with addiction treatment. The center’s founders Chris and Pax Prentiss believe in other alternative methods other than the commonly followed 12 steps. The center started operating in the year 2001. Its top notch services and high charge rates make Passage Malibu one of the most expensive rehab centers in Malibu. The center is ideal for people with heavy pockets. For this reason, the center is unique from all the other rehab centers in Malibu.


The rehab center has the best accommodation practices engineered to help the patients gear towards a quick recovery. Passage Malibu has luxurious rooms, which have luxurious bedding and plush mattresses that give the patients a peaceful and quite slumber which assists the patient recovery process. The Passage Malibu rehab center has clean and well maintained environment thanks to our experienced and devoted team of housekeepers. The center also has a nice and unique décor at the entrance that makes the patients feel at home and welcome since the rehabilitation process is more of the mindset of the person.

As a way of making our patients comfortable, we provide assistants who help them unpack and settle. During the period of stay, our experienced and most hospitable chefs cater for the patients’ food and ensure that they take healthy meals. The chefs also ensure that the food consumed all patients meets all of their dietary needs. In case you are an executive having trouble finding the best rehab center to get sober, Passage Malibu is the place to be.

Process of recovery

To ensure a quick recovery, our staff’s ratio to that of the patients is 4:1. This enables the patients to build a relationship with the staff which is a crucial step in the recovery process. Since we do not operate on the basis of the 12 steps towards being sober, we offer alternative methods such as tai Chi and acupuncture.

We offer meditation therapy, sound therapy, equine therapy and adventure therapy to our patients. These therapies play an important role toward addiction recovery. Passage Malibu has the best team of professionals that admit the necessary and required drug prescription to aid the healing process.

Passage Malibu center staff include masseuses, life purpose counselors, psychotherapists, acupuncturist and nutritionists who help provide a holistic experience here at the Passage rehab center. In Passage Malibu, an MD visits the center on the weekly basis.

In conclusion, not only does Passage Malibu center offer solution to addiction problems, but it also has a state of the art gym with a team of esteemed personal trainers available. Patients also get to enjoy the ocean view, play tennis, expand their knowledge in our modern library and they get to relax at the juice bars in our facility. Our center guarantees satisfactory and long lasting solution to the drug and substance addiction problem so why not visit the Passage Malibu center today for more information and consultation with our professionals.

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