Do you know someone struggling with Valium prescription drug abuse? If so, you will know what a damaging and distressing situation it can be, both for the person with the dependency and the people around them who are trying to support them. Valium is an extremely addictive drug, and even those who begin using it under a doctor’s advice can end up becoming dependent upon it. It is a benzodiazepine that is commonly prescribed to those with anxiety disorders or people suffering with sleeping problems.

How does Valium Abuse Happen?

Valium abuse occurs when a person is using the drug outside of their prescribed dosage. They may have a legitimate medical condition but take their drug more often than they should, or they may be buying it illegally. Some people might crush the tablet and snort it, or inject it as a solution rather than swallowing it. Valium prescription drug abuse is a dangerous slippery slope towards addiction. It comes with some serious side effects and has an extremely damaging impact on the user’s body.

Anyone can become addicted to Valium, but some people are more at risk than others. People with stressful lifestyles who find it difficult to cope may turn to the drug to help them. Others might have a family history of addiction which puts them more at risk. Very soon after someone begins abusing the drug, they can become chemically dependent on it. This means their body is not able to function normally without the drug.

The Signs to Look Out for

People who are struggling with Valium prescription drug abuse take the drug because of the effects it has on the body, which include feeling high and feeling calm and relaxed. However, there are some side effects that include slurring of speech, blurred vision and nausea. If someone has been taking high doses of Valium for some time these side effects become more pronounced. Valium can cause a person to have memory problems, troubles with coordination and even hallucinations. Eventually Valium abuse can cause difficulty breathing, heart attacks or a coma.

There will also be psychological changes in someone who is abusing Valium. They may become depressed or withdrawn and lose interest in things they previous enjoyed. They might also show signs of anxiety, irritation or aggressive behaviour towards those who try to help them or prevent them from taking the drug.

How can it be Treated?

Because of the serious and dangerous nature of Valium abuse and addiction, you need to seek help as soon as possible, whether it is for yourself or someone you know. There are many treatment options available to suit every type of person. The detoxification process should take place under the close care of medical professionals who can help the patient get through the nasty withdrawal symptoms that will occur. Following this, ongoing support and therapy can happen as needed, with the patient living in a residential treatment center or moving back home and attending counselling classes to help them stay clean. Total recovery from Valium abuse is definitely possible with the right help.