Xanax is a sedative drug prescribed to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It has a calming effect on the body, both on mood and on muscles. Xanax abuse is both a common and dangerous thing that can affect anyone who begins using the drug, whatever the reason for it. While there will be people more prone to addiction than others, whether because of their genetics or environment, even those with a legitimate prescription for the drug can end up in a dangerous dependency cycle.

What is Xanax Abuse?

Xanax prescription drug abuse can take several forms. Some people obtain the drug by buying it illegally off the streets, and use it recreationally for its calming and euphoric effects. Other people begin with being prescribed the drug for a medical condition but find themselves abusing the drug further down the line. They may do this by taking higher doses than recommended to them, or taking the drug more frequently than they have been advised.

Why is Abuse of Xanax so Common?

There are several reasons why using Xanax so often leads to abuse. It is the most commonly prescribed benzodiazepine, making it widely available. It is also a drug that people can quickly build up a tolerance to. This means they will no longer experience the same effects from their usual dose, and will need to take more of the drug to get the effects they want. This spirals downward into an addiction that becomes extremely dangerous for the person’s health and can end up ruining both their life and the lives of their loved ones around them.

The Physical Effects of Xanax Abuse

Someone suffering from Xanax prescription drug abuse is likely to do real damage to their bodies. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stomach pains and decreased sex drive are just some of the common problems they may experience. In terms of their cognitive skills, memory loss, difficulty concentrating or speaking and general confusion can all take place. A person’s muscles may also be affected, leading to tremors or a lack of coordination when carrying out simply tasks. The higher the doses of Xanax the person is taking, the more severe the effects will be, and the more confused and disorientated the user will become.

Other Effects of Abusing Xanax

Someone who is addicted to Xanax will soon find that other areas of their life will become less important to them than the drug. Being dependent on the drug will lead people to act in ways they may not have done before, such as becoming very anxious or aggressive when they cannot access the drug. They might lose interest in hobbies, work and family life and instead go to more extreme measures to obtain Xanax, such as breaking the law or stealing to fund their habit. Xanax prescription drug abuse will slowly but surely ruin a person’s body and life, and so seeking help for an addiction is incredibly important. If you know somebody struggling with Xanax abuse, contact a treatment center for advice.